1TM Latini FC

Name: 1TM Latini FC

Latini FC successfully competes in the Cosmo League (finishing 3rd in season 2015/2016, and 2nd in 2014/2015) which is Singapore's longest established and most competitive amateur football league.  Formerly known as the Italians, Latini FC was renamed to reflect the kaleidoscope of nationalities that made up the team and the way it aims to play football.  The team has evolved in the past five seasons under the leadership of Coach Justin "Tally" Price, who replaced Latini legend and Club President Francois "Fafa" Dotta.  Now a predominantly British team we still boast players from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Singapore and the USA.  We welcome all nationalities.  The team is made up of professional expatriates working and living in Singapore, the squad is a group of friends who train, play and socialise together including international football tournaments.  We also organise many social events to support our sponsors.  1TM Latini FC strives to live up to its motto "Forza e Onore" and has a tradition of playing quality football, not your traditional direct British style.  Our sister clubs 1 Tanah Merah and The Barbarians play in the ESPZEN midweek league and ESPZN 1st division respectivley, who frequently provide players for the Cosmo team.

1TM Latini FC is proudly sponsored by Harry's, a nationwide chain of Bar's serving beer, wine and cocktails plus food, and a great place to watch sport.  We are also sponsored by In Touch Physio and Cross Fit.

Management Team:

Justin Price (Manager/Coach) 
Pete O'Brien (Captain & Training Co-Ordinator)
Jonathan Cloak (Vice Captain) 
Francois Dotta (President)