Roll of honour

Here is the list of Cosmo League’s past winners. There are obviously a lot of gaps that we’d like to get filled in. So if anyone has any knowledge of past winners that are not listed below then please get in contact with the President.

  League Champion League Runner up Cup Winner Cup Runner up Plate Winner Plate Runner up Golden Boot
1974/75 SCC            
1982/83 SCC            
1986/87 Hotspurs   Hotspurs        
1987/88 Hotspurs   Hotspurs SCC      
1988/89 Casuals Hotspurs          
1989/90 Swiss Hotspurs          
1990/91 Swiss Hotspurs Hotspurs        
1991/92 Hotspurs            
1992/93 Hotspurs   Hotspurs        
1993/94 Hotspurs   Hotspurs        
1994/95 Swiss Casuals Swiss Casuals     Stefan Kuenzli / Urs Brutsch
1995/96 Hotspurs Swiss Hotspurs       Urs Brutsch
1996/97 Casuals Hotspurs         Urs Brutsch
1997/98 Lions Swiss Casuals        
1998/99 Casuals Swiss          
1999/00 Nippon Casuals Nippon Vikings      
2000/01 Hotspurs Lions Hotspurs Casuals      
2001/02 SCC   Hotspurs Casuals Olympique Gaulois    
2002/03 Casuals SCC Not Awarded Casuals      
2003/04 SCC Latini Brewerkz Vikings      
2004/05 Brewerkz SCC SCC Brewerkz German All Stars    
2005/06 Casuals SCC SCC Pulau Ubin Rangers   Dom Mooney
2006/07 Casuals SCC Casuals Swiss Pulau Ubin   Dom Mooney
2007/08 Casuals SCC SCC Hotspurs German All Stars   Dom Mooney
2008/09 SCC Casuals Casuals Swiss Hotspurs German All Stars Dom Mooney
2009/10 SCC Casuals SCC Hotspurs Rangers German All Stars Dom Mooney
2010/11 SCC Casuals SCC Hotspurs Rangers Hibernians Tom Bennett
2011/12 SCC Casuals SCC Casuals Olympique Gaulois Hotspurs Andrew Hutcheson
2012/13 SCC   SCC        
2013/14 SCC   SCC        
2014/15 SCC   SCC        
2015/16 SCC   SCC        
2016/17 TGA Rangers SCC SCC        
2017/18 SCC   SCC       Liam Shotton
2018/19 TGA Rangers SCC OG SCC      
2022/23 Latini FC SFC          
2023/24 SFC Latini FC