League News

Latini Cosmo League Champions 2022/23 by a Short Head.

Latini (horse number 4) got over the line holding off (horse 3) SFC  by a short head in the recently completed season. Very well done Latini and a super team effort!   We look forward to resuming the Cosmo League season on Aug 25th and welcome our new team International Lions FC.   We are also looking forward to increased collaboration with the Equatorial Football League and the vision is a top notch Amateur League in Singapore with both Leagues in partnership and sharing best practices and guidelines over the coming year.  A big shout out to all our players to continue to  withhold the spirit of the League and also to our Referees and Linesmen who sacrifice their time to assist us each and every week. One request, we are going to face a pitch shortage at some point in the future and every Team Manager should be out there trying to secure a home pitch.  Please view this as your most important duty as a Team Manager ! 

 Roll on the new season.