League News

Message from Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Thank you once again from all at Blue Dragon to the organisers of the Cosmo Football League, who donated $500 in support of Blue Dragon's football sessions. 

We play football every Sunday, with an average of about 50 kids playing every week. We've only missed one game ever due to a big storm. Next week, we'll also begin playing in the Hanoi Youth Football League again after the summer break. 

During the summer, some kids also joined other activities at Blue such as swimming classes or joining our gym sessions. 

One of the older kids who play football just got married! And another, Tuan, has been doing so well that he's been accepted in a special football training school. He's been playing three games every weekend. It's the main time in his life that he really lights up : ) See a photo of Tuan below (on the left).