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Gaelic and Vikings Set Early Pace

The Gaelic Lions and Singapore Vikings sit at the top of the league table after their first few games. Gaelic followed up their opening weekend draw with Aioli with victories over Hibernians and Nippon. Vikings won their first two games and missed out on a third victory last weekend, when the league champions, SCC, scored an equaliser three minutes into extra time. 

Three teams still have perfect records and games in hand. Gaulois have filled their boots with 13 goals in their two wins, and still haven't conceded a goal. Unsurprisingly, two of their players, Robert Eziakor and Iliass Tamine, are leading the golden boot race. Latini also have a couple of wins, seeing off Casuals and Nippon. TGA, last year's runners up, have only played the single game, but edged out the Germans in a 4-3 thriller with a last minute winner was either the best goal ever or a loopy sloppy mess, depending on whose version you believe.

Five teams are still waiting to put points on the board. Hibernians goal difference of -9 means they prop up the early table but they're trending in the right direction with defeats of 5-0 and 4-0. 

A few things to look forward to this weekend. Two teams that have made good starts, Gaelic and Latini, go head to head tonight. Latini's match report should give us a better idea of each team's prospects for the season. SCC vs Gaulois looks the pick of the Saturday fixtures, with the French having started like serious challengers for the title this year.