League News

Dan Bennett comeback in Cosmo, Hotspurs upset Vikings, while Rangers beat Germans to challenge the top 2 !

"xmas break" and in the transfer market Casuals secured Singapore most capped football Daniel Bennett, who after about 20 years absence made his comeback in cosmo league for Casuals. Inspirsed by their new signing Casuals took the win on friday night vs Latini after a solid dispplay thorughout. On Saturday Hotspurs suprisingly beat shared league leaders Vikings 1-0 with a goal from the edge of the box aorund the 30 minute mark, and while Vikings where challenging for the point the Hotspurs keeper and defense held the clean sheet. Elsewhere Rangers in 3rd beat Germans in 4th and are claerly showing their intentions to challenge the top 2.

Elsewhere Swiss FC took their 2nd win of the season when beating Hibs 4-2 courtesy a hattrick from Joel Terrades and in the last Saturday game Aioli took a narrow 2-1 win vs Nippon. Overall the weekend showed that the laegue is closer than ever and that every game could create that suprise.

In the coming weekend we have a top of the league clash with SCC hosting Vikings, while 3rd spot TGA Rangers are taking on O.Gaulois who surely are looking to revenge a poor show before xmas. Hibs and Nippon are clashing in a fight to attached the "mid-table", while Hotspurs vs Gaelic always would be a game to watch. German Allstars will try to get back to winning ways when facing off with Latini and lastly Casuals and Swiss are looking to follow up on good post xmas starts !