Match Review: Hotspurs FC vs Hibernians FC

23-Feb-2024 19:30

League // UWC Dover
Hotspurs FC
1 - 1
Hibernians FC
Referee - Jon // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Hotspurs FC


Close Game

A close game between Hibs and Hotspurs. Playing a compact formation Hibs struggled to breakdown Hotspurs, with the latter taking the deserved lead at the bf of the first half with a great finish from Marco after Jack had hit the cross bar. Hotspurs had multiple chances to extend the lead however we were able to make the most of the opportunities. Hibs won a penalty late on after the ball clipped a Hotspurs hand, 1-1. Good game Hibs.


Yellow Cards
  • Marco Oeggerli
  • Hugo Ritch
  • Ross Cumming
  • Nick Edwards
  • Matthew Yeo
  • Austen Friday
Double Yellow Cards
  • Marcus Went
Red Cards
  • Marco Oeggerli
  • David Bolton
  • Jack Skinner
Man Of the Match
  • Marco Oeggerli
  • Chaouki Saybi
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Billy Wyatt
  • Marco Oeggerli
Hibernians FC



Our first time back at UWC in a long while and Hibs started well. Lots of possession and a few chances but they came and went and the very thing we were wary of, set-pieces, cost the first goal. The second-ball chance was tipped onto the cross-bar by Bill and the Hibs defence seemed to think it was going over, but it dropped to a Hotspurs player who scored from close range. It went back to the same pattern of Hibs possession with the odd chance until the break. The second-half was a different story. Hotspurs looked way more threatening and Hibs struggled to get back into a rhythm and dropped their level. Panda had to save the day with a last-ditch tackle and Bill also rushed out to prevent the second. Hibs plugged away with Matt threatening and Bolts almost getting in as Hotspurs continued to defend well. With 6 minutes to go, another free-kick conceded by Hotspurs, led to the penalty that brought the equaliser. Bolts tucked it away emphatically. There was still time for a second yellow for Marcus, who halted a counter-attack, for Hotspurs to threaten, and for Matt to clip the cross-bar from 25 yards with the last kick. A fair result. Hotspurs' CB and goal-scorer was their outstanding player and Panda gets it for Hibs for his defending in crucial moments.